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Google Wave Open to the Public

Google Wave was meant to help individuals who want to work in groups get things done. The company started off by restricting user base to only 20,000 selected few. Those IT professionals that were not selected then only had to beg or wish that a friend would decide to invite them someday. Frankly the idea behind it is great, but Google Wave started declining in popularity before its second birthday. So, Google announced that it is making the social forum available to the public and also making some major changes. To many former users, Google Wave was pretty confusing to use.

For both new and old Google Wave users, the company is saying that the social forum is much faster and stable than it was. Also, Google Wave is easier to use now than ever with lots of new features to create the much needed hype.

Google Wave is truly unique. It allows a user at one end to see every word a friend participating in a wave makes with the keyboard keys even before the end of a sentence. One can also go upward to edit old conversations. Any participants added by mistake can easily be deleted this wasn't the case before. There is a whole lot more about the new Google Wave. Try it now and enjoy. It is currently available to the everyone.

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