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Weird Snow Leopard Bug

A notorious bug for Mac OS 10.6 has been reported to be responsible for data loss experienced by some users of the operating system Snow Leopard. Apple's support forum, since early september, has been jammed with "mayday alert" messages from users who have lost some or all their data. According to one Mac user, the data loss occured after he logged into Mac's Guest account and logged back into his regular account.

The severity of the incidences differ from one user to another. While some have reported a complete empty account others have experienced just the disappearance of a file or two. The sadder news is that the data loss is unrecoverable unless the user was using an external backup device to backup data.

Whatever the magnitude of data loss, a file that was stored in the first place must be important in one way or the other to the user. Apple's spokesperson acknowledged the problem on monday, "we are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix." While we await a solution, many Snow Leopard users are angry with the development.

A short term remedy for those affected users is to disable the Guest account and re-enable it as a native Snow Leopard account. For the lucky users that have not been hit, it is strongly recommended that they backup their data onto an external storage device because the Mac OS 10.6 bug is still raging like a wild fire.

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