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Apple Releases Snow Leopard to the Public

Friday, the 28th of August is the launch date for Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard V10.6. After lots of speculations, the date was finally taken back from September to August. So, what exactly does this new operating system have to offer in terms of technology and what is the rush?

Snow Leopard is designed to take advantage of the latest innovative technology offered by the chipmakers, Intel and AMD. According to insiders in Apple, Snow Leopard is designed for extreme speed, unbeatable performance, and for new core technologies.

In addition, the price is reasonable. After Friday's launch, Snow Leopard will be available for upgrade for just $29. Copies of the operating system shall be available to Mac users via any of the authorized resellers, online and retail stores. The company started taking pre-orders Monday, immediately after the release date was made known. To be candid, Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a little bit better than Apples' former operating system. Any person of any computer experience can attest to this. On the brighter side, let's hope this final version will be served hot!

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