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Fix Your Slow PC

If you came here specifically to fix a slow computer, then you came to the right place. The primary goal of this site is to provide guides and articles and so you can solve the problem yourself.

There are many things that can cause a slow PC such as registry errors, a virus, spyware, a lack of memory, or hard drive fragmentation. Luckily, all of these are fixable problems. Most of the issues can be fixed for free. Only a few of the problems listed above need any type of investment in software or hardware.

5 Steps to a Faster Computer

Generally speaking, 90% of computers will be sped up noticeably by completing ALL of the steps below, assuming you don't have a nasty virus. These 5 steps are aimed at the most basic users and the full 5 step guide shouldn't take too long to complete.

1) Defragment the Hard Drive

This task is very simple. To Defragment your hard drive, open up "My Computer", Right Click on C:, Click properties, Click the "Tools" Tab, Click "Defragment Now", Click Defragment, click ok. Here is more info from Microsoft on this.

2) Add Memory

If your laptop or desktop is starting to become dated, a memory upgrade will be the best hardware upgrade for you. Buying and installing memory is easier than you think. Here is a guide talking about the installation of memory.

3) Remove Spyware

Spyware can build up on your system and slow you down over time. Download and Install Ad-Aware, a free anti-spyware tool and then use it to remove all spyware that is on your PC.

4) Remove Unused Programs, Files, Folders

Do you have any unneeded programs, pictures, music, or videos? If so, deleting these will free up disk space which will increase the speed of your system. To remove programs, go to the control panel -> add/remove programs (or uninstall programs) -> click on the program you want to uninstall -> click "uninstall".

5) Optimizing Windows Startup Programs

After you remove unneeded programs, you can also optimize the Windows Startup process so programs you don't use often don't start up automatically when Windows starts. You can check out our guide for optimizing windows startup programs for more help.

My System is Still Slow, Now What?

If your system is still not up to speed, then you can check out our full 11 step guide here for more ways to speed up your PC. You can also find a ton of other speed tips here.

We are constantly adding new tips, guides, and walkthroughs. Sign up now to receive EMAIL UPDATES when we add a new tip or guide. If this site has helped you, please consider "Liking" us on the ComputerTooSlow Facebook Page or by clicking the like, tweet, +1 buttons below.

ComputerTooSlow Site Goal

Our primary goal is to give advice on ways to fix a PC for users of any experience level. We try to post tips and articles that both basic and power users can find helpful. Our hope is that after visiting and following the guides on this site, your desktop or laptop will be back in working order. We also hope that you are able to learn a thing or two along the way. This articles and guides on this website are written by computer scientists and engineers. We strive to put our experience to good use on this site.

Our secondary goal is to provide general information about computers including articles about popular PC software and hardware, technology news, and tips to help you to use your computer better. Most of the tips on this site are geared towards PCs (Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Acer, etc), however, we have started to add to our Mac tips as well. Also, keep in my that most tips should be the same or similar for both desktops and laptops. We provide technical advice and strategies on this site as is and therefore cannot guarantee your problem will be resolved. Also, for more great tech tips, news and more, please feel free to check out Doms Tech Blog. Please use this site and our affiliate sites at your own risk.

Web site and all contents Copyright 2012, All rights reserved.
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