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IE8 is best at security again

If the statement by NSS labs is anything to go by, then Internet Explorer 8 is the best security browser currently available. Earlier this year, in the month of March, Internet Explorer 8 ranked #1 in similar test conducted by the same company, NSS Labs. With this current rating, the position of IE8 as the number one security browser can't be disputed by word of mouth or advertising rhetoric; at least, not until the next ratings.

From the data made available to the public yesterday, Microsoft Internet Explorer is way ahead of Mozilla's Firefox, Opera, Apple's Safari, and Google Chrome in protecting users against phishing and malware attacks. Some industry analysts have questioned the credibility of the test results, much less to know that Microsoft sponsored the whole project.

The tested browsers were Google Chrome2, Apple Safari v4, Opera 10 Beta, Mozilla Firefox v3, and Microsoft's internet explorer v8. The test results from the NSS lab official website are as follows:

Mean block rate against socially engineered malware:
  • Internet Explorer 8: 81%
  • Firefox 3: 27%
  • Safari 4: 21%
  • Chrome 2: 7%
  • Opera 10: 1%
Mean block rate for phishing:
  • Internet Explorer 8: 83%
  • Firefox 3: 80%
  • Opera 10: 54%
  • Chrome 2: 26%
  • Safari 4: 2%
Phishing is a fraudulent cyber crime were hackers are trying to get personal information such as credit card numbers and other valuable information using websites that pose as legit sites. Web browsers protect against phishing and malware attack by blacklisting and warning users against potentially dangerous sites.

About 15,000 to 50,000 new malicious software threats are reported daily. Malicious software compromises system security. A web site browser provides a layer of security protection but can't take the place of an anti-virus.

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