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Google Builds More Momentum

Google is expanding and becoming stronger by the year to the envy of competitors. This is no secret. The company is creating, hibernating, and perfecting several products, many of them in the pipeline to dominate their markets. We have heard them all, from plans to create a monster to compete with Microsoft in the world of the computer Operating System right through to the android and the mobile world. This time the company is absorbing and expanding.

Google has recently bought AdMob and Gizmo5. AdMob is a mobile display advertising company that is based in San Mateo, California. By buying AdMob, Google can now make money of off mobile ads including ads on the iPhone. In addition, they are rumoured to be in talks to acquire VoIP start-up Gizmo5. However, some sources with knowledge of the deal claim the deal was closed at $30 million. Gizmo, which already integrates with Google Voice, as you may be aware, is a soft phone end for Google phone users.

Google has also recently released the new Droid phone. This phone, as stated by many users and reviewers, goes toe-to-toe with the iPhone. The release of this highly upgraded droid gives them a solid mobile presence. Combine this with the fact that they have a solid foothold in the mobile ad market and you can see that their mobile presence has to be a bit of a threat to Apple and the other top mobile companies.

Some people argue that the two new acquisitions and release of the Droid by Google are by no means a threat to Microsoft. We must consider the fact that Google is an organized and successful company. So, it is logical to say that the more money the company makes the better place it is to enter and dominate different markets. Also, the Chrome OS is starting to build a little bit of momentum as well and could take a few users away from Microsoft. It will be interesting to watch these OS and mobile battles heat up between Google and other competitors.

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