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What To Do When Windows 7 Freezes Booting

We expect a lot from Windows 7. Some people might say that Microsoft should have learned a few lessons from the Windows XP and Windows Vista launches. However, we keep getting the same old set of problems that we have seen in previous versions of the Windows operating system. One problem we have heard about from our users, tech messageboards, and tech blogs is a problem in which Windows 7 freezes when booting.

This problem is usually due to USB connection errors, so what you need do is to disconnect all the USB connections and restart the computer. After the computer has fully booted, add a USB connection and leave it for a while to see if this connection causes a problem. You will also want to restart your computer to see if this connection causes your computer to freeze while booting. Next, continue this process by connecting and removing each USB connection one at a time until you can identify where the hardware failure is coming from. The problem is usually caused by a Wireless keyboard or Mouse dongle. However, it could be another device as well.

If you identify that the problem is coming from your wireless keyboard or mouse dongle, then you need to check your system to see that the "USB keyboard and mouse support" in the BIOS is enabled. If this feature is enabled, disable it and the problem should be solved. Disabling this BIOS setting in Windows 7 is known to help resolve the problem for a lot of people.

There have been instances in which the keyboard/mouse problem is not the cause of Windows 7 freezing when booting though. Other software or hardware problems can also trigger this problem. If you are able to identify a device that is the problem, try to make sure that your drivers are current and that the device is supported by Windows 7. Also, you will want to make sure that the drivers are the Windows 7 drivers. Our guide on Updating Windows 7 Drivers may be helpful. If you are unable to identify a USB problem, you may need to check your other hardware such as the video card, hard drive, etc to make sure these aren't causing the problem.

If you are still having trouble, a few of the tips in our General Diagnose Windows Freezing guide may help you.

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