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Windows 7 Registry Errors

One question we get often on this site is if Windows 7 will get registry errors and if these registry errors need to be fixed. The short answer is that Windows 7, like the older versions of Windows, will also be prone to registry problems over time. We also recommend that these errors are fixed with a registry cleaner every so often.

To delve into this a bit further, let's examine what the Windows registry is and what a registry error is.

What is the Registry?

The Windows registry is the database that most Windows-based operating systems use to keep track of the settings for the operating system and all installed programs. In most cases, when you install a new program, the program adds entries to the registry.

What is a Registry Error?

A registry error is when a program is removed and the old registry entries that it installed are not properly removed. These bad entries can cause a host of problems and the problems will only get worse over time.

So, now that we know what the registry is and what a registry error is, we can apply this to Windows 7. Windows 7, like Vista and XP before it, uses the registry for program and operating settings. Just like in the past, if an application or program is improperly uninstalled, registry errors can be created.

Effects of Registry Errors in Windows 7

Registry errors can cause many problems on a Windows 7 machine. First, they can cause your PC to become slower. Second, a bad registry error can cause your computer to blue screen, freeze, or crash. Last, it is possible that some faulty registry entries can cause network problems.

Preventing Registry Errors and Fixing Registry Errors

First of all, it is best to try to prevent registry errors whenever possible. To help prevent registry errors, use control panel-> “uninstall programs” if you need to uninstall an application. Generally, it is impossible to completely prevent all registry errors from being created. To fix registry errors, you will need a registry cleaner. From our tests of registry cleaners, we have found that RegistryBooster works the best and we would recommend this cleaner. If interested, you can download RegistryBooster here.

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