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Windows 7 Common Error Codes

Windows 7 is by far better than any other version of Windows operating system. This is not to say, it does not have it's own problems. Windows 7 error codes are caused by both software and hardware issues. While software issue causes applications to crash and makes operating system unstable, a hardware issue leads to blue screens and unintended rebooting of a computer. Let's take a quick look at some of the known Windows 7 error codes.

Internet Explorer Error Codes - The Internet Explorer error codes can be cause by unsafe Web sites and problem from the Internet Explorer itself. A virus could be another reason for an Internet Explorer error code. If you see this, you should scan for spyware and viruses along with testing your connection on known, safe websites.

Compatibility Error Codes - Not all programs can run on Windows 7. However, a program that can run on Windows Vista should be compatible with Windows 7. Should you have a compatibility problem running a program on Windows 7, you can resolve this problem by running your Windows 7 on compatibility mode.

Email Error Codes - This often happens when you try to install an email client on your Windows operating system. Make sure that you have the email client configured correctly and that the software is compatible with Windows 7.

Internet Connection Error Codes - This is caused by a weak connection signal (i.e., Wi-Fi) or a conflicting IP address. If it is a weak signal issue, try to move your router or wireless adapter to get a better signal. If it is a conflicting IP address, you can try repairing your connection. If this doesn't work, make sure that your adapter and router settings are set up to allow your computer to choose any IP address.

Sleep and Hibernate Error Codes - The sleep and hibernate modes help reduce electricity bills. They let you get back to work in a matter of second(s) after a break. Nevertheless, when you find these error codes to be the case, then you may not be able to put your computer in sleep or in hibernation mode.

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