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Windows 7 Startup Repair & System Image

Is your computer refusing to start? Do you want a mirror copy of your hard drive just in case your computer stops working? All these and more you can do yourself using the System Recovery Tools in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Won't Start

Let's say a computer won't start and we need to open the System Recovery Options menu. First, restart the computer using the power button. Press and hold the F8 key as the computer comes on. For a computer with two operating systems, simply use the arrow key to select the operating system in question. On the Advanced Boot Options screen, highlight Repair your computer and click Enter.

Startup Repair

When a computer takes more time to boot, the problem might be due to some recently installed software. All you need do, in this case, is remove the recently installed software. However, if your computer won't start then you have to run a system repair disc. The Windows installation disc is a System repair disc as well. If you don't have your Windows installation disc, you can attempt to create a System repair disc.

To create a system repair disc, go to Backup and Restore > on the left-hand side, click on Create a System repair disc. Follow the wizard and provide the admin password if prompted. You may be required to insert the Windows 7 installation disc if the files required to create a System Restore disc are not available.

Windows 7 tries to fix this problem as it arises. However, there are times that the problem may be so overwhelming that the automatic Startup Repair fails and a manual fix is required.

System Image

What is Acronis True Image? This software lets you create a mirror of your hard drive and it comes in handy when you are upgrading your drive. Norton Ghost does the same thing too. These are third-party software programs. The good news is that Windows 7 has such a tool to help you make a mirror image of your hard drive without spending a dime.

The System Image Recovery option is different from System Restore because it creates an exact copy of everything on your hard drive (ie, operating system, pictures, emails, and so on). The regular system backup only lets you make a mirror of certain files whereas System Image creates a backup of everything.

Create a System Image of your Hard Drive

Step 1. Click on Start -> Getting Started -> Back up your files.

Step 2. Click on "Create a System Image".

Step 3. Now, pick a place to store the image. Keep in mind it will be quite large.

Step 4. Start the creation of the system image. You will be given the option to image other drives as well at this point.

At this point, you should have a system image of your hard drive. You will also be asked if you want to create a system repair disk. This is not a bad idea since it is always a good idea to have a repair disk handy.

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