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Wet Cell Phone Repair

Have you ever dropped your cell phone, iPod, or other gadget into a large amount of water? If so, this guide will give you some tips on attempting to bring the wet phone or gadget back to life.

The first and the correct thing to do is to take the electronic device out of and away from the danger zone as soon as possible. How fast you were able to do this will determine if you can use the electronic device again. This is because the ICs and other electronic components inside your gadget are not waterproof. When water gets into any of them, it will lead to damage and sometimes, a small explosion. Such explosions usually occur in devices with electronic transfers and those connected to power outlet at the time of the water incident.

The best thing to do is to try to stop or discontinue water contact to the electronic components inside the device. Grab the device and hold it with the possible point of entrance of the water pointing down. Follow the steps below to avoid damage to your electronic device:

Step 1 - Switch the device off immediately. Failure to switch the device off as soon as possible may render the electronic device unusable. For gadgets with easily removable batteries, quickly detach the battery from the gadget or power outlet.

Step 2 - Use a dry cloth to wipe the water from the surface of the gadget.

Step 3 - Use a hair dryer to blow air through the vents to dry the internal components of the device.

Step 4 Put the device in a cup or bowl of rice. Rice is a natural desiccant and it will help absorb the excess moisture. Leave the phone or gadget in the rice for 24 hours and do not charge the device.

Step 5 - Do not be in a hurry to turn on the device. Hopefully, after you have followed the steps above, the device will turn back on. If the device doesn't come on at this point, then you may need to open it up yourself to dry it properly or seek the assistance of a technician. Also, it is very possible that the device is unrecoverable due to water damage.

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