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Why does it usually take several times to shut down my PC, that is several times I have to select "shut down" before it actually shuts down.



This is a weird issue that could be caused by quite a few things. We do have a couple of possible solutions though.

First, this could be a driver issue. Check device manager to see if all your devices are working properly. Even if they are, you may want to re-install or update your video, sound, and NIC drivers and see if that clears it up.

Sometimes this can be the default sound that windows makes when shutting down since its file can get corrupted. Try turning off all the windows sounds that it uses for starting up, closing down, error messages etc.

One more possible problem is that you have a virus, spyware, or registry issue that is preventing your computer from shutting down properly the first time. Make sure you run a virus and spyware scan to see if you have any problems. Also, try downloading a free registry cleaner to clean up your registry.

Another possible problem is a program that is hanging when you try to shut down your computer the first time. This will be tough to indentify, but you can try using task manager to close programs/processes before shutting down to see if you can identify the problem application or process.

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