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Hi, my computer is painfully slow. It takes forever to get any where. Not just the internet but even just opening a file. Also programs I click on don't even load anymore. It is most likely a virus yes? If so how can I fix it?


Hey Reannon,

This definitely sounds like the work of a virus or malware. To remove the virus, you should just be able to run a virus scan and then follow the prompts from your virus software for removal. You can check out our article on Virus Removal for more help.

To scan for spyware and malware, you need a spyware removal program to do this. I really like Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. After you download a spyware program, you will need to scan your computer and follow the prompts to remove the spyware.

Last, if your computer is really outdated, it could just be that your hardware is having trouble keeping up with the new software. You can check out some of the guides on this site to better optimize your pc or you can try a hardware upgrade as well.

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