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This is not a problem with streaming audio not coming through. I'm talking about EVERYTHING that is audio-related on my pc is slow, like everyone all of a sudden has a lower voice . . . lower . . . and slower . . . but mostly really l-o-w. There has to be some setting in my system that needs tweaking - any ideas?



This is a problem we have not seen before. However, their are a few things we can recommend. First, I would try taken all settings back to default that you can. You can get to the sound options by going to start->control panel->sounds, speech, and audio->sounds and audio devices. If this doesn't help, I would check to make sure your drivers are up to date and that their are no conflicts. You can find these by right clicking on my computer->manage->device manager. From the device manager you can find your audio drives under "Sound, video, and game controllers." Make sure these are up to date. If you are still having problems, you may want to reinstall these drivers as well. I hope one of these recommendations helps solve your problem.

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