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My external hard drive has broken. Is there any way i can retrieve my pictures and videos?



I am sorry to hear about your problem. You may be able to recover the data depending what you mean by "broken". Is the hard drive physically broken (i.e. doesn't spin up) or does it run but won't access the data? If it will run, you can get software that will let you recover it yourself. If it's physically broken though, you may need a specialist to take it apart unless you know how to do this. If you are brave enough to take it apart, their should be an IDE drive inside the external hard drive case. You can try to hook this up to your pc internally via the IDE connection on your motherboard. If the hard drive is not damaged, you may be able to get your data this way. If the data is very important, it is probably worth calling a data recovery specialist. I hope this helps and good luck!

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