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Hi, I am using windows XP. Pentium 4 it is 2.80 GHz with 128 mb of ram. I was working just fine, but now whenever I try to play any media file like mp3, avi or even youtube, the sound breaks and the video breaks too. Please suggest a solution for this problem. Thanks!


Hey Raffay,

This could be a few things. First, this could be a driver issue. Your video and sound drivers could be out of date which could be causing problems with the video/audio. If you are hearing some sound, like windows sounds, then it could be a codec or player issue. Make sure your media players and Windows XP itself are up to date. Also, make sure your flash, quicktime,and avi codecs are up to date in order to watch video correctly. Another possible problem is a virus or malware. I would check for this by scanning. One more possible problem is a lack of hardware to run the video/audio. The 128 mb of RAM could be causing problems. This is the bare minimum of XP. However, there have been many updates to IE, Firefox, and the XP OS that could be making it tough to run your XP on 128 mb of RAM.

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