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Why Most Android tablets failed

Most Android tablets have been defeated in the marketplace and the iPad is the victor. Google did surprise us last year with Android Honeycomb; the demo was spectacular. I was on the edge of my seat and a year later, the tablet competition has almost disappeared and now we cannot stop asking, where are the killer Android tablets? As far as Android OS is concern, the only place it is doing very well is in the Smartphone market and the new Kindle Fire. Other than a few exceptions, Android tablets have failed and for obvious reasons.

The Price Points

Frankly speaking, the iPad is what a tablet should look like. It is very such a beauty with a price tag of $499, it makes all the sense in the world to own one. It has lots of apps, a superior user interface, and features that make it great for work and for play. According to research, the majority of people are more willing to spend money on a computer/device with a price tag under $500. Therefore, iPad got it right in terms of price.

Android did not get it right. The first android tablet was Motorola XOOM with a price tag of $800 and that helped dragged it to the grave. People were not prepared to own an expensive laptop-like device that conventional laptops can conveniently supplant. The Samsung galaxy tab and ASUS Pad came to the fore and met the same fate.

Aspect Ratio

Google wanted their tablets to be very different from the iPad and so instead of copying iPad's 4x3 form factor, it set the Android tablets to 16 x 9 aspect ratio. This is a problem. What that does is that it made the Android tablet look like a laptop without the keyboard. Conversely, the iPad is of the size of a thin book or novel.

Less Android Tablet Apps

App developers are now just becoming interested in developing apps for Android tablets. One thing that makes iPad rock is the millions of apps as far as the eyes can see. Android may start to catch up, but Apple has built a large lead when it comes to quality apps.

To sum it all up, the Android tablets have a lot of work to do if they want to compete with the iPad. Besides a few exceptions, like the Kindle Fire, Android tablets have failed. The competition is not over though as many companies continue to try to crack Apple's dominance of the tablet market.

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