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Twitter Security Tips

Twitter is becoming more and more popular these days as more and more people use it to tweet about what they are doing. However, Twitter has some security problems and therefore protecting your Twitter account is important for your security. There are things you can do in order to protect your Twitter account from hackers.

These tips are presented below in this article:

a) You need to create a strong password for your twitter account. Also, don't give your password if possible. Check out Creating a Secure Password for more info.

b) Another way of protecting yourself would be through blocking the people you do not want to share information with. There is a block option you can use for every Twitter user if you want. You can find this "Block" option by going to the profile on the user you wish to block.

c) When blocking a person you can report that person for harassment or for spamming. You should report that if you feel it is the case for that.

d) Be careful which links you click on, especially from users you don't know or you don't know well. To go along with this, don't use your password on suspicious third party sites. Tons of these pop up everyday and you can not know for sure which ones are legit.

e) Don't be too specific with personal posts. Say, "Just went to the bank" versus "Just took out $1000 from the bank".

Information, money, and other valuables can be lost if you fail to understand the importance of security measures. After someone hacks into your email or computer it will be too late to take the necessary security measures. It is always better to prevent than to deal with the consequences. So, look at Internet security as a prevention measure.

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