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Internet Security Myths

Internet security is one of the most discussed topics in the Internet users' world. This is because it is a very important thing to keep in mind and consider nowadays. However, many things we think we know about Internet security are not real. They are just myths that we try to explain in this article.

The fear of being hacked, the fear of losing money and information is a great one these days. This is why the misconceptions of Internet security may lead to more, instead of less, danger for the average computer user.

One of these myths is related to the viruses and worms generators. Many people believe that this malware appears by accident and that they are the creation of skilled computer guys. The truth is completely another one.

In reality, malware is created by professionals and not amateur computer guys in its majority. These professionals may be teenagers or adult persons but they are certainly professionals. The purpose of malware is exact: destroying computers or getting information from them. Creating malware is a serious business like any other.

Another myth is that dubious websites are very easy to spot. They think that looking at a website will tell you if it is dubious or not. This is completely untrue because websites that are created for bad purposes can look great too and normal websites may be done without the help of a web designer and look dubious.

You should be aware of which links you click because many times links posted on great looking websites hide things. Just putting your mouse over the link will help you see if it is a real link or some dubious one.

The antivirus you use needs to be updated regularly. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand this and end up keeping their antivirus in one form for years. Just because your antivirus looks ok, it does not mean it is working properly. This is another aspect when the looks do not mean anything.

Another myth that many people believe or tend to believe is that the Internet is such a dangerous place that it does not deserve going to. Therefore, they do not use the Internet for paying bills, purchasing stuff, or other things that make our lives easier. This is completely false too.

There are many people that do not suffer from the Internet security risks because they are prepared to face them. If you are prepared with some knowledge and good software to protect you, chances are you will not have problems.

The last of these myths is related to the antivirus powers. Many people believe that the antivirus program is the only protection of the computer available in the fight against malware. This is completely false too. The truth is that there are Trojans or Key loggers that can do you just about as much harm as viruses. Therefore you need to be prepared for them too with other security options.

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