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Is Microsoft Becoming Less Powerful?

The tech giant is increasingly losing reputation, market share, and everything else in between. I can see a few of their trademark products fading away into history unless they make some changes. The company is still a great force in information technology but a Microsoft seven years back was more powerful and occupying an awe-inspiring position in the Technology world.

Microsoft products are fast becoming second-best at every turn. Take web browsers for example; Microsoft Internet Explorer is no better than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Many tech experts would even argue that IE is the worst of the 3. However, the main point is that we can’t all agree on the fact that Internet Explorer is the best Web browser. There was a time that Internet Explorer was the undisputed champion. Those days are history.

Microsoft Office

Not too long ago I read a post online that stated, "Microsoft Office is the only product from Microsoft still enjoying a near monopoly dominance". That statement is correct. From Open Office to Corel office suite, no office suite can easily overthrow Microsoft Office. We have witnessed debuts and attended the living funerals of many other office suites. Again, some existing office suits are fast improving and some are set to give Microsoft Office a run for its money.

Office Suits such as AbiWord, Jarte, Open Office, IBM Lotus Symphony, Neo Office are not only free, but they are getting better each day. Online office suits have also emerged. Now we have Google Docs, Zoho, ThinkFree, Ajaxwrite, and Peepel. All of these are starting to cut into the market share of MS Office and could continue to do so into the future.

Windows Operating Systems

The Windows OS is the core product of Microsoft. Windows 8 will soon be available and the entire Internet will voluntarily celebrate the new operating system. However, this is another area that is facing stiff competition from other brands.

Mac OS looks better than Windows 7. Technology and usability wise, Mac Operating Systems are a solid Windows Operating System competitor. People are migrating to Mac OS en mass. Google also has plans to try to compete with Windows in the OS market. With the success of Google’s mobile OS, Microsoft has to take the threat of a Google OS seriously.

In the mobile device division, we can see how Android, iOS5, and many others are dominating the market. Microsoft has already been defeated and the company is only trying to play catch up now. Mobile Operating systems will continue to gain in importance as more and more people start using smartphones.

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