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How to Setup AutoFill in Google Chrome

Google Chrome might be the best web browser around. It is fast and safe. Google Chrome has many interesting features but the built-in AutoFill feature stands out. This feature is not available in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari. Any web browser before now that seems to have an auto-fill feature has a third party plug-in that is doing the magic.

Chrome AutoFill is a tool that magically populates online forms with pre-configured personal data such as email address, office, mobile phone numbers, address, name, zip code and much more.

The AutoFill feature saves time and eliminates the ugly task of filling out forms. Imagine eliminating the need of filling out forms with the same data 5 times in a day. So why use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari for web registrations when you could automatically do the same thing in less than 30 seconds with the click of a button?

One thing that you may wonder is if the Chrome AutoFill feature is ok for online shopping? Yes, it is safe. AutoFill can store and encrypt your credit card details thereby making online shopping faster and better.

Follow the steps below to set up AutoFill:

Step 1 - Open Google Chrome and click on the wrench icon located in the upper-right corner

Step 2 - Click on Options

Step 3 - Click on Personal Stuff

Step 4 - Check the checkbox that is next to Enable AutoFill to fill out web forms in a single click

Step 5 - Click on Manage AutoFill settings, and then Add new street address

Step 6 - On the form provide as many details as you want. You can leave some fields blank. For example, some people are not comfortable providing phone numbers online for privacy reasons. To enable AutoFill for online shopping, click on Add New Credit Card and Supply.

There is an option to add multiple sets of addresses and credit cards. You have the option to choose whichever set of data to populate an online form.

At this point, you have successfully set up AutoFill in Chrome. Try to fill out a form or shop online to see how it works. When you open an online form with Google Chrome, you will see a drop-down list of AutoFill options, depending on the number of addresses or credit cards you provided.

Notice as the fields populate as you mouse over the option list. To make populated data stay, simply click on the option. There you go, another reason why Google Chrome rocks!

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