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How to Encrypt Your Document in Word 2010

Knowledge of Microsoft Office 2010 is important for pretty much everyone. Knowing some quick tips can really help you save time or hassle in the future. What we are going to look at today is how to encrypt documents in Word 2010. Let's get started.

It is important to encrypt important documents so that only you or people you authorize can edit them. Keep in mind this will not work with Word Starter as Word starter doesn't come with the ability to encrypt. To encrypt your document:

Open the document -> click on the File -> Go to access Backstage View-> Click on Info-> Click on Protect Document-> Now select Restrict Editing.

Click on the Restrict Formatting and Editing menu to limit formatting and selection types

Click the settings link, this help you decide what should and can't be edited in a document. After you finished, click OK.

The Restrict Formatting and Editing menu is still open; select and set the users that can edit the document. To add users, click on the 'More users...' link. The Add Users menu will open. On it, enter the user names, separated by semicolons and click OK.

Again, the Restrict Formatting and Editing menu will still be open. Now click on Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button.

Next, the Start Enforcing Protection menu will pop up. Enter your preferred password for editing enforcement. You must have this password stored in a safe place. Users will need this password to remove encryption.

Now the editing of the document has been restricted to the point that the document is read-only both online and on any browser.

Any attempt to edit the document will lead to an error message that will give them the option of opening the document in Word.

On opening document in Window, only the options allowed will be available and every other option greyed out.

To remove the encryption and make the document editable by all, rollover on the last icon on the bottom left side of the document and click on Stop Protection button. Provide the password you used to set up the encryption in the first place. Next, click on OK.

There you go; we have learned how to encrypt documents in Windows. Encrypting documents or Enforcing Encryption of documents in Word are two important tools that let you control who edits what on a document.

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