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What To Do When Your Mouse Is Too Sensitive

It seems tied to old computers but it really could happen to any computer whether old or new. My Dell laptop, for instance, is a new machine and I wrestle with this problem every once in a while. The problem is characterised by erratic and frantic movement of the cursor on the computer screen as if someone is just moving the mouse haphazardly. That's an unwanted and vexing thing to happen to anyone. Let's look and see what the solutions are.

The mouse is one of the most important input devices and when they start to act up, the experience is nothing but frustrating. Some quick troubleshooting tips include cleaning the mouse, updating BIOS, and checking the cable.

Updating BIOS

Sometimes it happens after you have installed a program and you need to update the system BIOS. To resolve the problem, visit the machine manufacturer Web site and check to see if your machine is in need of a BIOS update. If so, it could be worth updating the BIOS to see if it fixes this problem. The BIOS update may also help with other problems as well.

Possible Cable Problem

Is your mouse old? Do you pack and unpack the mouse often? If so, check your mouse cable. One of the most common reasons for your mouse to act up is a problem with the cable that has shown up after normal wear and tear. Use your fingers to feel through the entire length of the cable for knots and discontinuity.

Battery Problem

Wireless mouse users should take note of this and replace the battery whenever this occurs as erratic cursor movement is a sign of a dying battery. Replace the battery and everything should go back to normal.

Remove Obstacles

If you are using a wireless mouse then you may want to make sure that there is no radio interference between the computer and the mice. Remove any obstacles. To go along with this, make sure you are using a mouse pad and that the mouse pad is clean and smooth.

Clean the mouse

Dirt and dust can make a mouse malfunction. Cleaning a mouse should be a routine task. All mouse types including optical mice need regularly scheduled cleaning. You can clean the mouse by dabbing cotton wool into alcohol.

One can never be too sure if they are having a mouse problem. One way to be certain is to swap the mouse. It is also possible to adjust mouse settings. Go to the control panel in Windows. Click on the mouse icon and then adjust the 'pointer speed' or 'sensitivity'. You can try to turn off 'Snap to' as well.

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