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Diagnosing Keyboard Problems

The computer keyboard is the primary computer input device. It allows you to enter information into your computer system. The best remedy for a keyboard problem is to get it replaced. However, some problems can be resolved. If your laptop is still under warranty, the best thing to do is to return it to the manufacturers for replacement. Nevertheless, if that is not convenient for you, you may want to check out some useful tips here.

Non functioning or sticky laptop keys

This is the most common keyboard problem. Simply put, this is a condition when one or more keys are not responding or is irregular in its functionality. This could be caused by debris or dust.

To try to resolve this problem, turn the keyboard upside down and shake vigorously to remove dust or debris. Be careful if this is a laptop keyboard though. The keyboard can also be cleaned with a damp rag or wiped clean while upside down with a soft brush. If the problem persists, try to remove the keys with paper clip. The paper clip act like lever and it is use to gently pop up the keys. After you have the problem keys taken off, you can try to find the debris that is causing the problems.

To carry out a thorough clean, gently remove all the keys. Make sure you deposit them in a place and arrangement that would make replacing easy. Now remove the flexible rubber covering that separates the keys from the solid metal bed of the keyboard. Next, dip a soft brush into a solution of methylated spirit (Isopropyl Alcohol) and wipe clean the metal bed and the body of the rubber covering. Some techies would prefer the use of sandpaper on the metal bed. The Isopropyl Alcohol could be a bit of overkill though. I usually just use water.

Caution: Only a small quantity of Isopropyl should be used at one time. Next, replace the covering and gently fix back the keys.

Another easy solution for cleaning a keyboard is to get a can of pressured air. You can then use the compressed air along with gravity to help clean out any dust and loose debris.

The keys repeat too fast

This happens when the character repeat is too fast. For example, you typed an "a" and you get two or more "a"s. This is due to the character repeat rate. Go to the control panel and click on keyboard to reset or lower this rate.

PC Beeps or gives an error

Check to see if the keyboard is properly connected to the computer if you are using an external keyboard. Also, check to see that some key(s) is not stuck. If this does not work and you are using a USB keyboard, see if USB is enabled in BIOS. You can also try another USB port as well to try to fix the problem.

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