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BlackBerry Continues its Fall

Blackberry continues its fall with its latest smartphone sales numbers. As so many new smartphones enter the mobile world year after year, it is getting tougher and tougher for Blackberry to keep up. According to data from the Nielson company, only 5% of users choose a Blackberry in the past 3 months. Somewhat related, the study also found that nearly half of the US population owns a smartphone now.

The biggest problem for Blackberry is that Apple and Google's Android have stepped up to dominate the market. In Nielson's study, 48% of users bought an Android while 43% of users bought an iPhone.

RIM just launched a new set of Products

Another huge problem is that RIM just launched a whole new line of products. RIM expected this new line of Blackberry's to drive up its market share. However, the market had a different view of the new line of Blackberry's. Most users found that the new line didn't compete with the latest and greatest iPhones and Androids.

Since Blackberry just launched a new line, it will be quite a few months before Blackberry even has a chance to turn itself around. They are hurrying to get their Blackberry 10 devices to the market, but it is still a few quarters off.

Blackberry isn't the only company that should be worried. The Windows Phone from Microsoft is not fairing too well either. The Windows phone is selling even fewer smartphones than Blackberry. Less than 4% of new users choose a Windows phone in the last few months.

The smartphone business is not Microsoft's bread and butter though. The smartphone business only makes up a small portion of Microsoft's revenue. Microsoft also hopes that its upcoming launch of Windows 8 will help drive sales of the Windows phones.

The question remains if Blackberry is on its way out or if they will be able to make a comeback in future years. For the next few months, however, Android and iPhone appears to be unbreakable in the smartphone market.

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