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Best Free Software

There is a lot of good and free software on the market right now. In this guide, we try to pick the best free software. We tried to pick software that would benefit everyone, so you may not see any super techy software on this list.

Advanced System Care 5

This PC optimization software will help keep your computer running fast. It will tune your system and internet settings, remove junk files, protect your PC, and manage CPU/Ram function for optimal use. The free version of this software is very good. There is a paid version of this program that is very good and is something that we would recommend. However, the free version of this software is why it made the best free software list. You can download Advanced System Care 5 here.

Microsoft Security Essentials

The 100% free antivirus from Microsoft is an excellent choice for your antivirus needs. Many antivirus software packages can be expensive, so it is nice to see a major company put out a good free alternative.

MSE does a great job detecting potential problems and it works really well with Windows. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that a paid antivirus has, but it gets the job done and has a few useful features. The first feature is that is allows you to schedule your antivirus scans. It also allows you to choose how much CPU to use during these scans, which is nice. The only major ding was that Microsoft Security Essentials did negatively affect system performance more than the average antivirus software in our antivirus resource usage comparison. You can download it from Microsoft:


Ad-Aware Free can keep your computer spyware and malware free. A spyware removal tool is a tool that is essential in today's world. Lavasoft provides a great tool through Ad-Aware to keep your computer clean. You can find Ad-Aware Free Here.


OpenOffice is a great, free alternative to Microsoft Office. This tool allows you to do pretty much anything you would do in MS Office. To make it even better, you can save files in Office format if you need to send files to other people who are using Office. You can download OpenOffice here. Related to OpenOffice, you can also try Google Docs or as alternatives to MS Office.


Many people already know about Skype. If you don't, skype gives you a free way to video chat with your friends or family from almost anywhere in the world. This application is a must-have for anyone who lives away from any friends or family. You can get Skype Here.

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