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Connecting a PC to a Hi-Fi Stereo System

As we know, computer systems with the default speakers can't give us the right sound quality compared to stereo systems. Therefore, to enjoy the music or video we have on our computers, smartphones or other devices to their full potential, we would need an external sound system such as a Hi-Fi stereo system. Let's look at how we can connect a computer to a hi-fi stereo system.

Things Needed:
  • A computer system
  • Hi-Fi Stereo System
  • Stereo audio Jack Cable
Step 1 - Inspect Hi-Fi Stereo System

Check the stereo system to see if it has an audio input. Audio inputs are RCA plugs which correspond to aux or CD, line-in plug. Sound systems usually have several plugs, therefore, you have to check very well as to identify the aux or CD, line-in plug.

Step 2 - Sound Card Outputs and Cables

Computer sound cards have one or more outputs and they are usually on the back of your computer tower. Often times, you will see a little headphone icon for the output of your sound card. You can also find the location of the sound output on your computer system by using your sound card manual or your motherboard manual for onboard sound cards.

Next, we need to make sure we have the correct cables. Is it a red and white plug(RCA plug)? If it is, get an audio jack cable that has two heads at both sides that would fit. This is what you would come across most of the time.

Is the output an ordinary jack? If it is, a simple cable that would fit with one head on one side and two heads at the other will do. All cables should be long enough to connect the sound card to the stereo system. By inspecting the Hi-Fi stereo audio input and the computer output, you should be able to identify what cable to use.

Step 3 System Settings

After connecting the computer and the sound systems with the cable, it is time to click the Aux button on the Hi-Fi stereo system. Now you should be able to control the volume of the music from your stereo system. For better quality, keep the volume setting of your computer at medium and vary the volume of the stereo system as required.

Tip: If you are really looking for great quality sound, getting a good sound card may be for you. A high quality sound card can make a big difference if you have the stereo system to use it.

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