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My computer does not have a recycle bin?? I don't know what happened??Can you help??



Hey Mike,

This is a problem that can be remedied. First, right click on your desktop and choose Properties. Next, hit the Desktop tab and then click on the Customize Desktop button. In the middle of that box, click on the icon for the Recycle Bin and then hit the Restore Default button. Click OK and then go take a look at your desktop. The Recycle Bin icon should be back.

If the recycle bin is still not back, go down to your taskbar and right click in any open space. From the menu that pops up, click Toolbars -> Desktop. The word Desktop will then appear at the end of your taskbar with a double arrow beside it. Right click on those arrows and you will see an option for the Recycle Bin. Next, drag and drop that Recycle Bin icon to your desktop. That should replace the recycle icon for you.

However, if you are still having trouble right click on your taskbar again and go to Toolbars, New Toolbar. There should be an option there for the Recycle Bin as well. You can then drag and drop that icon to your desktop. Doing either of these three things should bring your Recycle Bin icon back.

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