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On Monday microsoft sent me an update that was the malicious software removal tool for February,but that same one ( kb 890830) had been sent on February 11, '09.That is the first time i've noticed a mistake on Microsoft's part,at least, i think it's a mistake.
So, My quick question is, how do you access the root drive on Windows vista or any Windows : do you just type C:\Windows\system32\Mrtstub.exe ?
Mrtstub.exe is the name of the malicicious software removal tool file that M S on it's info page says is how you can remove a removal tool file. Sheesh!

Thanks a lot,
Joe B.


Hey Joe,

The root for vista should be c:\windows assuming windows is installed on your c:. However, I would suggest just doing a search for mrtstub.exe in with the windows file search utility or with google desktop if you have that installed to find the file.

Also, one thing to be aware of is that Mrtstub.exe has been identified as spyware in many instances, particularly if you find it in the c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folders. If you have a spyware cleaner, I would recommend running this as well to see if it picks up that file.

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