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Hi, I am having problems with my laptop I use for school and work. It is an hp pavilion only 2 years old windows defender is finding 2 Trojan even after i remove them and when I try to open spybot it starts scanning and shuts down. Ad-aware does not work at all and when I open disk clean up it starts scanning and shuts down. Hijack this also does not work. AVG works fine but does not find anything and every once and a while i get a windows defender pop up about the 2 Trojan coming back. Also, windows restore had all its saved points erased when this all started. I am thinking about just restoring it to the disk but I will lose everything. Any ideas I would like all the help I can get thank you



It sounds like you have quite a problem with those trojans. One thing I would try is searching google for a specific fix for those trojans. When Windows Defender lets you know of the issue, write down the name of the trojans. Next, go to google and search for "trojan name" removal. Hopefully you can find specific instructions on how to remove the trojans. If this doesn't work, you can then backup your files and then reformat your hard drive to start fresh.

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