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Hi.Recently brought a computer and have only had it for about 2 months.The problem is that it just turns of all of a sudden by itself. We thought it was the fan overheating but took back to guy who sold it to us and had him look at it. Four days later he says it was virus and he says now fixed. Only had for 1 week and done same thing again, except now I can not turn on at all. It just turned itself of and won't turn back on. Just want to know what could be before take it back and get told rubbish. I know he has to fix it but what can we do?


Hey Tanya,

If you are not techy, some of this stuff you may not want to try. However, here are some of the common reasons for a computer shutting down randomly.

1. It could be a virus or trojan. Try scanning for viruses and spyware.
2. It could be a hardware problem. You can try reseating your memory.
3. Overheating problem or power supply problem: It could be that your pc is overheating. You can download speedfan to check your cpu temperatures. If you computer is in a hot room and you do anything that is video card or cpu intesive, this could easily be it. Also, since the tech said he removed the virus, this is the most likely culprit. Also, if it is not turning on at all, this could definately be a power supply problem. Either way, the tech should fix these for you since you just bought it.

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