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my head is aching cause i dont know how to repair my computer. here is the story:

last 2 days ago i opened my computer. there was a disk check up. then after that i got a "lsass.exe" error. it took me a while before i decided to reinstall my windows. so i did it. during the reinstall, it asked for my windows cd 1st, then nvidia cd, then lastly windows cd. but on the last part, i got some errors. it says some files cannot be located. i cant locate it so i just pressed "skip". then finally my pc worked. i was so happy.

after 1 day, i had a problem again. i opened my pc but it doesnt show anything. my monitor power light just keep on blinking and blinking. i tried to reconnect all my power cords then it started. there was an error saying system32/startup cannot be found. so again, i reinstalled my windows xp. and again, some of those files were not found.

and earlier this morning i had same problem again. monitor just keep blinking and not showing anything. :(

here are the list of the files not found when i reinstalled my windows cd.

lcwconn1, lcwconn2, inetwiz.ex, icwhelp.dl, icwconn.dl, icwutil.dl, icwrmind.ex, icwdl.dl, icwx25a.du, icwx25b.du, icwx25c.du, icwip.du, phone.ic,, state.ic,,, suport.ic,,,


Hey Benj,

This is a tough problem. I looked some of those files up that are missing and they do seem to be important files. You may be able to download them from the Microsoft website. Also, do you have any other disks that these files may be on?

If all else fails, it woudn't be a bad idea to try to contact MS directly with your problem. They may be able to fix your issue or may even send you a new CD.

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