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If I have to register to use this site It ain't going to work. I had some virsuses on my computer I did an anti-virus and defragment. My problem is I can't log into ANYTHING that requires a username and password. My internet works fine. I can't open accounts like on ebay. I already have an e-mail account and I do online classes and I can't log into that either. If I use someone else's computer I can get into it just fine. Any suggestions?


Hey Jeanette,

It sounds like either a virus is still on your computer or the virus messed up settings so bad that you are having trouble browsing the internet. One simple thing I would look at is making sure cookies are enabled on your web browser. If they are disabled, this could be keeping you from logging in to certain websites. In Internet Explorer, you can click on Internet Options -> Privacy then make sure your Internet Zone settings is NOT on "High". If this does not help, you may want to try scanning your pc for the virus again. If you are still having trouble, you may have to reinstall Windows or call a tech expert to help remove the virus for good.

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