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Struggling money are forcing me to keep with this laptop but Im still trying to find a CPU upgrade sometimes:
Acer Aspire 5315 (Acadia) with a 2.0Ghz Celeron 550 (single core) on a 479mPGA pink socket ,533 Mhz FSB.
Max 2Gb Ram installed.
I've been for weeks trying to find the highest Celeron M in this class (479mPGA) but SO FAR
I dont even know if there is ever made something higher. So, If you know there is a faster one ,just tell me the name of it. I'll do the rest.(does it need to be on same 533 FSB?... Pathetic as usual is unable to know or give the specs of the motherboards they sell.)


Hey Mike,

I did some research and found that a Celeron M processor exists with a speed of 2.33 GHz with the same 533 FSB. However, I would not recommend this upgrade. I don't know that the extra 0.33 GHz would make that much of a difference and it probably would not be worth the money and effort. I would suggest trying to make your laptop as lean as possible until you can afford a new pc. You could lower windows settings, uninstall unneeded programs, disable unnecessary services, etc to make your computer experience a little bit better.

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