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I'm having problems with my pc being too slow.
There is no viruses, no unwanted bg applications, have 1gb RAM. and the processor is INTEL CORE 2 DUO.

the pc takes rather long time to boot and one of the symptoms is that the startup sound is discrete\discontinuous not smooth .

the mother board and the cpu fans aren't dusty!

everything seems to be fine. Dose any problems give those symptoms ?
i tried system restore but some of the logs do not restore and on reboot it displays error in system restore.
i don't think think there are any bad sectors in the hdd.

Please get me through this.


Hey RM,

Unless you are running Vista, your specs should be good enough to not see too much slowness. I have heard of some users complaining of slowness with Vista and 1 GB Ram though. The fact that the system restore errors concerns me a bit. You may want to try to repair your installation of windows if you can. You can do this with the Windows CD. Make sure to backup everything before you do this. Also, I would check for spyware and then run a registry cleaner as well. Last, defrag your hard drive a few times and check for disk errors just in case their is a problem with the hard drive. Hopefully this helps fix your slowness.

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