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Motherboards guide.
I've had this laptop for about a year. But soon I will go for a more powerful desktop....
Im looking for a desktop for my next 3-5 years.
So i'll go for a 100-130(200-250$)motherboard.
Is that good enough?
. Then studying I found out it'd be better to buy the best motherboard with a middleclass dual core the idea to be able anytime in the future to add more ram,hard drive, change cpu, or whatever.
Is there any guide a bit more advanced than this?
On some sites the very similar two motherboards ,even written with same specs come with very different prices...!!! Why? what do they hide?


Hey Mike,

A $200-$250 motherboard should be a very good board. If you are looking to upgrade in the future, I would advise you to allocate most of your money for the CPU/Motherboard. Hard drive space is cheap and keeps getting cheaper. Memory is also pretty cheap to add as well. Changing out a CPU is not usually the best "bang for your buck", especially when you already have a middle of the line CPU to start with. I cannot help much with the pricing. In some cases it could be a sale or brand that forces the price higher for similar specs.

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