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windows xp sp3. 250gb hd.plenty free space.(150gb+)
Internet connection...8000/384. No viruses,malware etc etc
4 weeks ago...great download speed.200kb/s +
recently....80kb/s to 300kb/s. I cannot remember that i changed anything......system restore also would not work......i fixed that....but still have this dial up speed thing happening. My isp is no help.
what have i missed
what can i try


Hey Brian,

The first thing I would try, if you can, would be another computer. Do you have a laptop you could borrow to test this out? Next, if you have a hub, try to remove the hub and connect your computer directly to the router your ISP gave you. This will help you to determine if your router or computer is causing the problem. If it is still slow on another computer and with the hub removed, then you have no other option than to get your ISP to help since it is on their end. If your computer ends up being the issue, I would recheck for viruses/malware. You may also want to try updating your connection drivers. Your wireless/ethernet hardware could also be faulty if you haven't found any other problems. I hope this information helps you to isolate the problem.

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