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3 Lesser-Known Ways to Increase Computer Speed

To improve the performance of a computer, you can do several things. The best policy is to increase system memory and make sure the system is tuned for better performance. Like humans, old age affects the life of a computer, too. The main difference is that you can always improve the performance of a computer. That is the good news.

We know that in order to increase system speed we have to scan for viruses, clean the registry, avoid free downloads, and much more. These are the popular ways of speeding up a computer. Lets look at three lesser-known ways to increase computer speed.

Upgrade the Hard Drive with a Faster RPM hard drive or SSD Hard Drive

This might not be necessary if your hard drive has a fast enough RPM (revolution per minute).

If you have a small and outdated hard drive, upgrading your hard disk to a faster, larger hard disk can help. If you have a hard drive that is less than 7200 RPM, then an upgrade to a hard drive that is 7200 RPM or greater will help your computerís performance.

A recent technology improvement is the release of the SSD hard drive. The SSD (solid-state drive) hard drive is much faster than older hard drives. However, since the technology is so new, the price is also high. One idea is to buy a small SSD hard drive for your OS and programs only and then use your old hard drive for all of your files, music, videos, pictures, etc.

Uninstall Unused Programs

Old programs can take up a lot of space, clutter your hard drive, and also clutter your registry. Every so often, it is a good idea to clean your computer to get rid of all of the old programs you are not using. If you are able to find a few programs, especially a few larger programs, that you are not using, you will be able to recover some speed.

Disk Defrag

We talk about this a lot on this site. However, sadly, not many people use disk defrag to increase their computer performance. Disk defragment lets you to store files efficiently on your computer. Disk defrag should not be confused with disk cleanup that lets you remove unused files. To access disk defrag on your computer, go to start -> computer -> system properties -> Advanced tools -> disk defragmenter.

These are the three lesser-known ways to bring back some speed to your computer. For more tips, you can check out our full guide on how to speed up your computer.

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