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USB Device Not Recognized Fix

Are you having a "USB not Recognized" error on your screen? My laptop has four USB ports, about 3 months ago, one of them stopped working. I didn't bother messing with it since I can always use the other three. When some friends of mine started complaining of the same problem, I knew it was time to come up with a solution.

Now, the usual thing we do in situations like this is to restore the system to last known good condition using the system restore. Also, you can go through the device manager to uninstall, restart, and then reinstall the devices under the USB controller again. The above 2 tips might help. If they didn't, then following the steps below should help fix the problem.

Check 1 - Hardware or Driver Problem

Check to see if the USB ports are bad. It may be a hardware problem. However, that rarely occurs, so plug in your keyboard or any other USB device to see if it would lights up or glows. If it lit up then proceed to the next step. If it does not light up, you can check to see if your USB port has a loose connection.

Check 2 - Shut Down and Unplug your Computer

Shut down and unplug the computer from the power supply for about 5 minutes. Don't shut down without unplugging the computer from the source. When you shut down your machine, the motherboard along with your memory still gets power. Shutting down and removing the plug enables the motherboard to completely reboot the next time you turn your system on.

All your USB ports should be functioning. You should be able to connect your printer, mouse, keyboard, phone, and speakers at the same time. That's the reason why that many numbers of USB ports were built into your machine in the first place.

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