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Simple Ways to Set up Remote Assistance

Remote assistance is a built-in feature in Windows that lets you access a friendís computer and fix a problem even when the two computers miles apart.

How it Works

The person that needs help sends an invitation to a trusted assistant or friend via email or instant chat.

The tech expert/friend on the other side accepts the request; both parties will then start discussing the problem. With the permission of the owner, the tech expert will now take administrative control of the computer.

Remote Assistant Requirements

The two computers must be running on Windows operating systems (i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7). An Internet connection to form the link between the two computers is essential. Online computer repair services often use the remote assistance to repair computer problems.

Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 7

Click on the Start button. Now, type in the word "troubleshoot" in the start search form and click OK. Now go to Step 2 in the Remote Assistant for Windows XP and follow the instructions down.

Windows Remote Assistance in Windows Vista

Windows Vista users will have to click on Start and then enter the words "Remote Assistance" in the Start search form. Click on the remote assistant icon and start from step 2 in the Remote Assistance for Windows XP below.

Remote Assistance in Windows XP

Step 1 - Make sure the computer is connected to the Internet and click on the Start button -> Go to All Programs -> Look for the Remote Assistance link and click on it.

Step 2 - Click on Invite someone to help you.

Step 3 - Now, you will have to choose how you want to connect to your assistant, Windows messenger or email. You must have an outlook account set up if you are using XP. If there is no outlook account, the program will request that you set up one right away.

Note: Windows messenger connecting option is only available on Windows XP not Windows Vista. In Windows Vista, options available include sending it via email client on your desktop or saving the link as a file and sending it via web-based email.

Step 4 - It is best to use the email option. Use outlook express to send the invitation or save the invitation link as a file before sending it to the assistant via a web-based email client. Create a password, save it, and send it to the assistant by email or by phone. Sending the password phone or text is better for security reasons.

When your assistant or friend receives a request via email or Windows messenger, they will simply click on the attachment to launch the Windows Remote Assistant and enter the password you gave them. An assistant can watch and give instructions for you to follow or, with your permission, take total control of your computer and fix the problem while you watch.

The next time a friend calls you up asking for computer help, the Windows remote assistance will certainly come in handy.

This feature is not available in Linux or Mac operating systems. There are third party software for computers running on Mac and Linux.

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