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QR Code FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The term "QR" code gets thrown around a lot, but do you know what it means? Are you aware of the kind of information they can contain? Do you know how you can read these codes and how they are different from standard bar codes?

If you want to get in the know, all the answers will be laid out to you in this very article. Make sure to share it with any friends whom you think may appreciate this information!

What is a QR code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is the trademark for a type of 2D code. The information that is present in a QR code can be read in both the vertical and horizontal direction. Hence, it is called a two dimensional code. QR codes can be found on magazines, newspapers, televisions, and on websites. When a reader uses a QR reader to read a QR code, he is taken to a site without typing in a web address. Hence, it is a good way for driving people to a site.

What kind of information QR codes can contain?

Apart from containing a web address, a QR code can contain plenty of other information. Some of which are as follows:

- QR codes can contain electronic versions of contact details. When it is scanned with a QR reader, the contact will be automatically added to your address book.

- The information of any event can be present in a QR code. After scanning it, the details of the event such as name, date and venue are added to your calendar.

- It can contain a text message with contact number and message. Scanning it will let you open the text message and view the phone number.

- QR codes can contain an email with subject and message. Such a message can be request mail for some information from you so that the sender can send you additional information.

- It can contain geographical info of a place. When you see an advertisement for a restaurant that includes a QR code, scanning it will let you see its location on your GPS application.

- Scanning a QR code that has Wi-Fi internet connectivity configuration data will let your smartphone automatically configure and connect to the wireless network at a particular location.

Are QR Codes different from barcodes?

As mentioned before, QR codes contain info in two directions i.e. both horizontal and vertical. On the other hand, barcodes contains data in horizontal direction only. A QR code can store more information when compared to a regular barcode. In order to read a barcode, you need to use special scanners to detect the name of the product, its price and other related information.

QR codes can store much more information and when read with appropriate software; it can lead you to a website or let you download a file. To read QR codes, you can hold a QR reader in any angle. However, for reading barcodes, you need to properly align the reader with the code.

How to read a QR code?

The most common way to read a QR barcode is by using the camera of a smartphone or tablet. For this, you need to have QR code reader software installed on your smartphone. Android phones/tablets and BlackBerry phones are able to read the QR codes out-of-the-box as QR reader apps are preinstalled on such phones.

However, some phones do require you to download and install free QR code reader software such as NeoReader or QRReader. To read a QR code, you are required to scan the code that contains some website link or contact information, with the camera of your phone.

Once you get hands on a QR code reader app, you will be able to see whatever information is behind the QR code. Think about the possibilities! It should also be noted that some of the newer barcode scanners these days can also read QR codes.

IF you haven't yet started to pay attention to the QR codes around you, maybe it's time you should. Besides the entertainment value, it can be really a nice way to distribute information!

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