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PC Matic Review

PC Matic Product Page (Use coupon PCMSPRING2011 to save)
PC Pitstop Website

PC Matic Review

A gadget is just a piece of scrap if it cannot provide speedy performance and the same goes with computers. Computers are designed and made to make our workload easy. They are supposed to help us so we can wrap up our work quickly and efficiently. However, it can really frustrate a person if the computer is running slow and is not giving out its true performance. There are many tips on this website that will help resolve the slow performance of your computer, but if you are really looking for one software package to do it all, than you have to checkout PC Matic by PC Pitstop.

When we talk about the slow performance of a computer, there could be multiple reasons for this such as a cluttered hard drive, registry errors, disk errors, etc. PC Matic provides a way to see the inner workings of your computer and a way to deal with all of above problems in one place.

Speeds Up Your Computer

The reason we highly recommend this software is that it does a great job overall when it comes to resolving issues and speeding up a computer. Also, it seems to be more comprehensive than a lot of its competitors. The software covers the registry, startup, Internet speed, junk files, hard disk fragmentation, spyware scan, and memory utilization. I am not sure if any other software package is this comprehensive. Also, all of these tools work well. In some of our other reviews, we have noticed that a tool might be included with a software package, but it doesn't do a great job. This is not the case of PC Pitstop's PC Matic.

Easy to Use

The software is also well designed and easy to use. This is very important since it comes with so many features, tools, and scans. The overall computer scan provides a Green light if an area doesn't need attention and a red light if an area needs attention. For example, a red light on "Most Fragmented Files" means that you need to defrag. Also, the program includes help buttons that help to explain what the scans are doing and what they mean. This is nice for the average Joe computer user.

Another great thing that comes with this software package is driver alert. This will make sure that you keep all of your drivers up to date and will also make sure that your drivers are running efficiently. This is a great feature as keeping up on drivers manually can be a big pain.

Price and Conclusion

The cost of this program is a little high compared to its competitors. However, it does do a better job. We found it for 49.99. Overall, we would recommend this software. We have also had a few users, through our feedback form, tell us they had good results with this software. Our users also let us know about the coupon below. If you use the coupon below, it should be cheaper or equal in price compared to the competing products on the market.

Note (Coupon): After some research, we did find the following coupon if it helps anyone:

CLICK HERE and then enter the coupon PCMSPRING2011. Please let us know if this coupon code doesn't work for you.

You can find more info at the PC Matic Product Page.

Our Rating - by
4.5 / 5 stars

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