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New Designs for Google products

Ever since Larry Page took over affairs as the new CEO of Google Inc., many things have changed. The Google search homepage, for example, has a new look. Gmail is different looking now. Google Reader is looking better than before, and even Google Chrome looks and feels different too. I can't think of any Google product that hasn't been given a new look. Let's look at some of these recent changes.

Gmail Redesign

The new Gmail interface is beautiful. It has the sort of interface you would expect from a big Internet company. Everything is above average. There is one problem though; scrolling down the right hand menu to the Spam link could be difficult and confusing at times. That is the only problem I can identify and overall I think the redesigned Gmail is great.

YouTube's New Look

The YouTube makeover was unveiled on Thursday Dec 1. The new interface makes it easier for viewers to find, watch, and share videos with friends over the social media biosphere.

According to Google, the aim is to make YouTube, which is the world's most popular video viewing site, easier to navigate and fun to watch just like your cable television channels. Some people don't particularly like the new gray background and we know a lot of people don't like changes in general.

The good news is that anyone can customize their YouTube page. The new YouTube home page consists of three columns on a gray background. The left column has a black background with sign in and Create Account buttons. To make sure viewers easily find the type of videos that interest them, all videos are arranged into categories.

The middle or second column is for displaying and screening videos. Then there is the right column, which is a place for Featured videos, ads and related videos.

Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

Webmaster tools and Google analytics have both received a refresh as well. If you are not a webmaster, then probably didn't notice the changes to these tools. The new Google analytics version provides just about everything that a webmaster would possibly need in order to analyze and better understand their web site's audience. The intelligence of the new Google analytics is awesome. Think about all the information webmasters need to know about their audience such as their behavior on the site and the technologies they used to access the site such as browsers and network. It also provides social media information, and other information about Mobile devices and user agents.

Google analytics is in a different level all on its own, far better than similar tools from Bing and other major companies.

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