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Internet Explorer 10 Preview

The new Internet Explorer 10 is close to launch and we wanted to take a look at the new IE to see how it looked, felt, and performed. IE10 was built for the new Windows 8 operating system. However, IE10 will work on older versions of Windows as well.

Metro Mode and Desktop Mode

The biggest change to Internet Explorer 10 is that it will have 2 modes, metro mode and desktop mode. Metro mode is a basic, stripped down version of Internet Explorer. It is easy to use due to its simplicity, but lacks certain features and functionality. For example, flash, Silverlight, and other add-ons won't work in the metro mode.

The desktop mode is very similar to the old IE we are used to. He has the full menu bar, full add-on support, and favorites.

Generally speaking, it seems like the metro version will be great if you need to do some quick web browsing or searching. However, the desktop version will need to be the go to mode if you are using the browser for streaming or more detailed work. I can definitely see these different modes becoming a source of confusion for many users. Which mode should I use? How do I make the desktop mode the default mode? These are some of the questions I foresee in the future for IE10.

HTML5 Support

One more great improvement for IE10 is the great support of HTML5. HTML5 is one of the newest ways for developers to create webpages.

What does this mean for the end user? This means that the browser will perform and look much better. HTML5 offers many improvements to UI (user-interface) elements such as css animations, transitions, shadows, and gradients. Generally speaking, developers will be able to make web pages look and feel better with less effort.

The exact launch date for IE10 has not been set yet. However, many believe that it will launch with or right around the launch of Windows 8. The Windows 8 launch date has not been stated by Microsoft yet, but many tech experts believe it will be October of 2012.

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