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Changing Drive Letters and Directories

DOS has various useful features with which you can organize files under directories that you create. You can search your computer system for files on any drive or any directory with comparatively simple commands. You should be aware of the fact that when working on Microsoft MS-DOS operating system, all the hard drives and other media drives that are connected to your computer are assigned drive letters which can be helpful while running programs. If we consider the default items, MS-DOS will usually connect to the C: drive of your computer but you can change the drive letter with a simple command. Let us now consider a few instructions that are necessary if you are running computer with MS-DOS or are helpful if you like to use the command prompt in Windows 7, Vista, or XP.


First, you need to boot up your computer and wait until you reach the MS-DOS command prompt window. In Windows, you can get to this my going to Start -> Run -> typing cmd.exe-> hitting OK. Moving forward towards the second step, after completing the first step, have a look at your cursor on the screen to see what drive the system is running at present. For example, if you see "C", then your computer is accessing the drive C. After this, replace "e" and type "dir e." in the command prompt window with the drive letter you want to change and then press "Enter". This command will then list all the files on the drives you select, but officially it will not change to the new drive. Coming towards another step, replace "e" and type "e." into the command prompt with the drive letter you want to change. Press the "Enter" key to change the drive letter that MS-DOS is accessing officially. After running the command, the letter that is next to your cursor will change into the selection you made. This is one the best ways to change the drive letter of MS-DOS.


Let us now consider few steps to change drive letters or directories in the DOS command window. Well, writing commands into a DOS command window is not something hidden. Windows can help you get from one folder or directory to the next. Moreover, sometimes, it is easier to type a command in a DOS window to get the results. There are few steps that should be considered if you wish to know how to change between the directories in a DOS command window. Firstly, go to the run box and type cmd, a DOS command window will appear. Then proceed with going towards the C: drive. Remember, if you type cd... You will again come in C :\>. To go to the windows directory on your computer, simply type cd C:\ windows and if you want to open my pictures, type cd C:\ document and settings\ your username\my documents\my pictures.

There are few precautions that should be taken while typing letters. For example, be sure that you type it exactly with a space where there is required because even one single mistake can make you retype the words again or may take you to another window. A helpful tip is that you can press the up arrow to get the last command you just entered. In addition to all this, before windows XP came along, make sure to change the drive letter to get to the windows setup disc and then type in setup for installation procedure to start.

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