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How Google and Facebook Plan to Be the Only Web Sites on the Internet

The search engine giant Google and Facebook (the social media baron) are trying as much as they can to provide services for about everything we do on the Internet. Right now, Google is not a search engine giant alone. It is doing other things too. Facebook is also adding other services outside the social media stratosphere. The race to monopolize the Internet is on and they are head to head with each other. That's good news. But what may not be good news is the fact that each of them would like to be the only Internet giant.

They won't want to publicly admit that but we can all tell as events unfold. Gradually they are getting there. However, it is a long and almost impossible journey.

How are they going about it?

The signs are on the wall. Google started off as a search engine-only company, it has now added so many products in its offering from payment services like Google Wallet to Google answer, Google Maps, the Chrome Web browser, and now the social media Google Plus. They also have many other products that stand in the way of small Web sites.

How is Facebook going about it?

Facebook is the king of social media and right now, Facebook seems to want us to do everything on Facebook. The social giant wants us to sell on Facebook, buy things on Facebook, advertise on Facebook, listen to and buy music on Facebook. In fact, the social media giant is planning to include a special video streaming section for users to share and upload video just like on YouTube. One can now also search with Bing on Facebook.

So what are we talking about here?

Many people connect to the Internet not to visit sites but to search for products and useful information that interests them. They trust the search engines to lead them to the most authoritative Web sites. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are good at doing that. That's what Google and Facebook are banking on to tie traffic around their Web sites and products.

For example, Facebook has got Bing search. That is one way to ensure that we don't leave our Facebook page to go to the Google home page. Google too has incorporated Google search to Google plus homepage. Google music store is also live.

If either company is successful in its goal, the result would be a monopoly.

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