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Business Broadband Guide

Business broadband is very different from residential broadband. In order to arm yourself with the relevant knowledge to make an informed decision, below are some of the things you need to know as you look for a reliable US business broadband.


One of the most important things to consider is the speed of the broadband. The Internet speed should match what you are paying for. Download speeds for business broadband ranges from 2Mb to 24Mb. It is good to insist on fiber-optic business broadband package. Don't settle for copper lines as they are not fast enough for modern business use.


The pricing of US business broadband packages are higher than residential broadband deals. Nonetheless, you should research carefully before making any decision. Have all the information about the US business broadband packages and compare before deciding.

Go to the official Websites of the major business broadband providers and write down the packages they have and compare. Do not stop there. Sometimes a lower price means a poor deal. Read reviews online before you make your decision. Having said that, beware of sugar-coated reviews as many of them are actually paid for by the companies.

Download Limit

If your business broadband plan does not allow for unlimited downloads then you may want to reconsider. As an executive, you can never be too sure as to the size or number of files you may be downloading tomorrow.

Wireless Networking Support

Wireless networking support allows a company to create a network, using a router, to connect computers without running wires. It is pretty common these days for businesses to offer wireless access around the office.

VoIP Phone system

Making International calls via the Internet using VoIP could save your organization a lot of money. In fact, it allows you to make free or cheap International calls. Think about a VoIP phone system when you are in the process of choosing your Internet provider.

Static IP address

It is good to look for a business broadband package that offers free web space with a free static IP. Not only can you use the static IP to run your own business emails instead of using hotmail and Gmail, you can host your Website on the free web space too.

Network Security

Check to see that the business broadband package has network security bundled to it. Many ISPs provide firewall software, antivirus, and antispyware.

Customer Support

One other thing to take into consideration is the customer support service. You will definitely need help at some point and a company that does not have a good customer support department will be very frustrating to work with.

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