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Why the Apple MacBook Air is Awesome

The first MacBook Air hit the market in 2008 and six months after that there was another model. Every year, Apple rolls out a new MacBook Air.

The 2011 MacBook Air is the latest and one of the most beautiful laptops money can buy. It is stylish and durable, two important attributes of a good product design.

MacBook Air continues to gain ground and Apple is set to surpass HP as the number one manufacturer of personal computers by 2013. This is in part due to the fact that the MacBook Air keeps getting faster, lighter, and thinner.

There was a time in which the White MacBook Air was going off the shelves faster than Apple could supply them. Production plants were cranking on but as it turned out, demand far outpaced supply. The White MacBook Air is Apple laptop in which the casing material is made of Titanium. Other than the color, nothing else makes a white cover MacBook better than the gray and black versions. Apple lost an excellent opportunity to ship more MacBooks. Had Apple made the right predictions and made necessary preparations to meet demand, they would have sold more laptops than they did.

There was a time MacBooks weren’t considered office machines, those days are long gone. Today, more and more professionals, designers in particular, are migrating to Apple laptops. If you think they are doing so just because of the "brand name", think again.

Apple products run on Mac OS X. Mac OS X Lion is the latest version of Apple operating systems. Mac operating systems are good alternatives to Windows operating systems. Many users prefer Mac OS X Lion over Windows products.

MacBook air has a full-size keyboard and it is thin, lightweight, and stylish in a strange way. The keyboard has backlight, so you can type in low light. MacBook Air boots in seconds and launches applications faster than almost any other laptops on the market.

The Intel Core i5 and i7 processors are currently the fastest CPUs on the market right now. Since MacBook air runs on Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, users can expect a faster computer than most other laptops on the market.

Another wonderful feature is the High-speed thunderbolt I/O. The High-speed thunderbolt I/O port is a feature that makes it possible to transfer data at a faster rate than it is possible in any other laptop out there.

Overall, we really like the MacBook Air. The only downside to it is the price. The MacBook Air, like many Apple laptops, will set you back more than most other laptops on the market.

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