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Laptop vs Desktop when looking to buy

It's vital to make a comparison by bringing out those things you must consider before you decide to buy a laptop in lieu of a desktop and vice versa. These two machines perform the same functions. For instance, they can all display complex graphics, computer databases, multimedia and much more. Before you find yourself twisted as to whether to opt for a laptop or desktop, check out some of the things you may want to consider below:

#1.Sounds and Graphics

Desktops have better display of graphics and sound systems than laptops do. These differences are very small, so you may not notice it. In addition, an average desktop makes more noise than a laptop due to the higher powered fans and power supply.


In recent years, market figures have consistently shown that people buy more laptops than desktops. This is amazing because the desktop is by far cheaper than a laptop. Laptops are lightweight (roughly 3kg or thereabout) and consume far less electricity power than desktops.

#3. Mobility

A desktop consists of a monitor, keyboard, mouse and system unit or case. These parts or hardware are not ideal for mobility. A desktop requires a power source and can't work without one. Even on a UPS, a desktop can only work for 10 minutes or so.

A Laptop is the real business companion whenever you are on a trip or plan on going away from home. Laptops are portable and have a keyboard, mouse, monitor and speakers all jammed into one lightweight machine for easy movement. The ability of a battery to power the computer for more than an hour or more is what makes the design of a laptop possible. Some laptops these days can last for over 4 hours on only one battery charge.

#4.Room Space

A Laptop fits into circumstances where space is a luxury, for example, in a car, airplane, boats, dorm rooms, etc. A laptop also produces less heat than desktops. Desktops are bulky and they occupy more space than may be allowed.

#5.Health Concern

The Laptop is un-ergonometric, meaning its design doesn't take comfort into consideration as well as desktops do. Long-term laptop usage can affect your posture. Unlike desktops, laptops don't come with adjustable parts for self comfort: They were designed to be portable. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to get height adjustable laptop computer stands.

#6.Ease of parts replacement

The desktop has different parts connected by an electric chord. With desktops, you can replace faulty parts easily. For instance, if the screen is telling you baloney, you can replace the monitor. If the keys are falling apart, you can simply buy a new keyboard. You can also replace the mouse. These are replacable in a laptop, however, it is not usually easy or cheap to replace these parts.

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