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How to Use Siri to Dictate Text to a Mac

When the iPhone 4S was revealed, Siri stood out as the most important addition. In fact, many believed then that Siri is the number one Samung Galaxy S 2 killer. Well, they were right. Not only can you say just about anything to your phone, you can also dictate text to your Mac. Of all the cool third party apps, this is one of the coolest.

The Air Dictate is an iPhone 4S app, from a company called Avatron, that lets you use Siri to dictate text to your Mac. Instead of typing and moving your fingers around the keyboard, simply get yourself the iPhone 4S and the AirDictate app by Avatron and a heavy load has just been lifted off your shoulders.

AirDictate is available at You must visit the website to install the AirDictate Receiver app on your Mac. The app will allow you to share your Siri dictation to any Mac application that accepts text over Wi-Fi network. Let's see how it works.

First, you have to launch any app that accepts text input. Some of the apps that accept text input are Microsoft Word, TextEdit, Pages, Mail.

On your iPhone 4S, launch the Air Dictate app. A list of Mac computers within range will be displayed; choose your Mac. Now, press the microphone button. Speak what you want to appear on the computer and press the button again to stop.

What will happen is that your speech will automatically be converted into text and will appear on your Mac. It is that awesome and unbelievable. The result is the same as using the keyboard to type the text on your computer.

You can control special characters like punctuation, and symbols by saying the names along with the text. For example, you can pause and say exclamation at the end of a sentence. Speak any special command such as Caps On and Caps Off, Space Bar, New Line, New Paragraph, Begin Quote, End Quote and so on. For example, one could say , "I am Caps On HAPPY Caps Off to be here." It is as simple as that.

You can start by trying the free air dictate app to see what I am talking about. Above all, you have very little to lose as this app cost less than a dollar.

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